“I make handmade quilts for sale”

“I make handmade quilts for sale”

For over 30 years I’ve lived in Seattle, a city that’s synonymous with Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon. Just to name a few of the gigantic companies headquartered here.  Companies like these bring a certain vibe to a city. Seattle’s vibe is trendy, techy, and transitional—always reaching towards the next big hit, the next great product, the next uber-hot band.


Iconic Seattle

What's a girl to do?!

A recent handmade baby quilt I made for a friend

Living in this sophisticated city can make a girl self-conscious if she’s not employed in the high-powered, on-the-edge, oh-so-fashionable work force! Usually my response to the cocktail party ice-breaker question, “so what do you do for work?” results in a blank stare when I answer: “I make handmade quilts for sale.”  Sometimes I’ll get a polite “Oh, that’s interesting!” or “you actually sew them?” But the conversation rarely gets much farther than that. Because apparently handmade quilts don’t inhabit the same stratosphere as computer programmers. Or corporate climbers. Or dot com entrepreneurs!

And really, that’s okay with me! I didn’t embark on my quilting business as a way to make a million dollars. Besides, I didn’t set out to impress others with my cosmopolitan insouciance! While some might have hoped for fame and fortune, I doubt many of my fellow quilters expect popularity and profit!


A young friend enjoys a cozy handmade quilt

New York Trends

A 100 year old quilt from my collection

Then the New York Times published this article, and all of the sudden, I’m rethinking this notoriety thing. I mean, Calvin Klein and the Kardashian sisters think it’s cool to pose with handmade quilts! Even Madison Avenue and Paris boutiques are showcasing handmade quilts in their fashion shows! Maybe we humble quilters should start paying attention?!  Perhaps our first million is just around the corner!


In the meantime though, I’ll continue to enjoy the satisfaction of making things with my hands.  I’ll enjoy working with beautiful colors and fabrics that magically turn into gorgeous quilts. I’ll count my blessings: my commute-time is 1 minute, my wardrobe is low-cost and my companions are furry and friendly.

But hey, if Madison Avenue comes calling, I won’t turn them down. 🙂

Tasha the corgi dog keeping me company.

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