Moving Day

Moving Day

Pretty soon we’ll be packing up our belongings and moving to a new house, as we launch into the adventure of inter-generational living with my parents.  It’s exciting to be sure! But then there’s all that sifting, sorting, and packing to be done!  Do we really need six kitchen bowls? 7 sets of dishes? 10 bath towel sets?  I’m not making this up, folks! 

And then there’s all my fabric.  I’m not nearly as bad a “fabricaholic” as some I’ve seen! But I do have my fair share of lovely piles.  I take them out regularly, re-sort them, and admire their colors and patterns (which probably sounds really weird if you don’t quilt, but don’t judge, ‘cause you probably collect something too!).  Then I remind myself that I don’t really need to make another shopping expedition to my favorite fabric store. In fact, I actually have quite a bit of fabric that I haven’t looked at for a long time.  Maybe I just need to beef up my supply of yellows and greens.. .


Just one of the many piles of quilting fabric in my stash

The antidote, of course, is to make more quilts with the fabric I already have. So that’s what I set out to do.  Most of my fabrics are nicely sorted by colors, in baskets and fabric boxes I created a few years ago. (Heather at the Sewing Loft has great instructions here.) But I have a few containers that store a very topsy-turvy assortment of leftover scraps from previous quilts I made. Plus, I have a few “failed” quilt attempts—blocks I pieced that just never saw the light of day.  

My scraps basket...well, one of them at least.

When I first started my quilting business, I went just a teensy bit crazy over Tula Pink fabrics. They’re just so whimsical!  I bought a lot of the Slow and Steady line, with all the crazy rabbit/turtle fabrics. I DID eventually make some quilts, but let’s just say I had, ahem, a lot left over.  There they sit, in the bottom of my “failed” container, all those vibrantly-colored, brilliantly-designed fabrics. Beautiful, but guilt-inducing. Why did I spend money on new fabric when I could use up what I already have?! It doesn’t help when my accountant (aka my husband) hands me spreadsheets detailing my monthly business income vs. expenditures.

Patchwork quilted pillow from random scraps

So in keeping with the moving house/sorting stuff momentum, I know that if I ever want to buy more fabric with a clear conscience, I have to start making quilts with these “failed” fabrics. I took that great Tula Pink fabric and made a pretty cute lap quilt. Then I sewed up the left-over Allison Harris “Dixie” fabric into a lovely little quilt too. And then I got on a roll, and made a couple of darling patchwork pillows with a wildly-random assortment of leftover scraps, which I’m very pleased with! (Allison at Woodberry Way has a great tutorial.) So yay!  I think the month of July was actually in the black on those darn spreadsheets! 

I used up my "Dixie" scraps on this cute lap quilt.

Happy quilting, and let me know what you’ve done with your “failed” projects!



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